4 Steps to Effective Studying

In this article I am going to share some of the techniques that I usually advise my student during physics tuition lessons. These are going to be 4 simple techniques that will help you to study more effectively and save time.

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Firstly, set up a timetable for your study or revision. This should ideally be done throughout your education and just during examination time. This schedule will sort of allocate your time for consistent revisions and studies. Doing this will ensure that you spend your time effectively. However, it is important that you stick to the schedule. Initially it is going to take a lot of self discipline. As you go along, it should become a habit. It is important to schedule realistic time for your studies. For example, you should allocate enough time for subjects or topics that you find more difficult. Also, it is important to allow time for recreation and social activities. This can help to refresh your mind and helps you to perform better during study time.

Next, start by studying for short periods of time and gradually building up to longer periods of time. This is an important technique for people with low concentration span. If you find yourself distracted after studying for awhile, slowly and gradually increasing your duration of studying will help to improve your concentration. However, remember to be realistic. Don’t force yourself to study when you can no longer concentrate. Take a short break and rest your mind before continuing. So as you start your timetable for studying, you will start to understand more about yourself and you should plan and adjust your timetable as you go along.

Thirdly, ask if you are unsure. The worst thing that can happen is to unlearn a wrong concept. If you are unsure about any concept or topic, mark it down and ask. You can ask your school or your tuition teacher. But it is important that you get those concepts that you are unclear of cleared as soon as possible before you start learning the wrong thing.

Finally, find a conducive environment for studying. When I say conducive, I don’t mean quiet. The definition of conducive usually differs from person to person. A conducive place should be one where you find comfortable to concentrate and study in. Some people like the library because it is quiet and they can concentrate whereas some people find that the library is too quiet and they feel stressful studying in such environment. Regardless of which you prefer, it will probably take a while before you find out what kind of environment you prefer. The bottom line is that the kind of environment should allow you to understand and absorb what you are studying. If you think you can learn and understand better when you are discussing with your peers on problems, you can consider group study where you can have active discussion going on while you are studying.

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