Economy in 2002, Was It that Long Ago? Rants from Lance

Obviously this is a serious issues yet what do we call Chinese labor issues? Much of those 918kiss economic enslavement issues are fairly routine. Interesting. Our job recovery will be in 3-6 months, because that is when most people feel that the stock market recovery started, actually it started exactly at the tail end of April, that was the bottom, of course there was no way for any one to know that who did not see the future.

Now if the media was calling out the return of the stock market in March, then everyone would be getting back to work now in October. But they did not, now everyone is calling BULL RUN soon, but really the stock market is up 23% or more on the year. So they started talking about it in July and August so add six months and forget this years January rally since the regulators are hammering the companies. The small caps will move but I am unconvinced that the January barometer will be super significant, but probably enough to prove self worth for the President and with little competition, the comments from the opponents or podium gods or should I say god by then will be of no value, because the “Economy” or “it’s the economy stupid” will be a non-issue and those comments simply will not work when the jobs are coming back and the market is moving upward with momentum.

What could change? Well Spitzer might still be alive or he may seek the V. Presidency on the Democratic ticket and go for broke in his complaints about corporate governance, but really that will be the end of his career. You see folks the casino days are over and Reed is going to clean house and cut the number of board members, divide the NYSE into tow main departments, regulation and management, something that should have been done long ago. Then give a warning to the wire houses that the games are over. Elliot Spitzer meanwhile is going to collect more pittance for his new d├ęcor and office furniture by accepting wimpy settlements, due to a loss of power. Donaldson at the SEC will show a sigh of relief and for the most part take credit for the era of realization. This will be good for Donaldson and he can use the average number of toilet tissues per day of 51 and not have to resign and clean his pants. Sorry if anyone reading this cannot handle reality. But I call it how I see it, that is all it is boys. Now back the prison labor comment, why waste human energy? They machines running the matrix never did. Why should we? It costs 23,000 per year to put a person in prison and that is the low end, it cost less than $10,000 to send them to college, you figure it out? And all these big wigs that Spitzer is busting are good at Organization Management, may as well make them work for the non-profit sector while in jail. Do not waste energy, brains or humans. My name is Lance these are my rants and thanks for listening.


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