The Work

sixty that way it’s not youknow just over  yeah okay well youknow how it works in your head but I’mnow in your hands fair an opening bidfolks I’m in your hands and it’s Juleswho gets things going bad on it at welcome to the bidding it’s movingquickly  I have straight back atfive-twenty at       on theleft  on the left  if you will i have   on the night  there comeback at  same opportunity  to stayin jewels will have to go over her limitat , now in the middle birth callfive six and that’s it blown out of thewater in less than a minute we areselling on final hammer Jules is morethan  grand short going we are sellingwe are selling we are sold at thousand Kentuckians for the otherbidders commiserations thank you foryour bidding ever talk to the guys andthank you for attending stock downloadour option here todaytook it up there pretty quickly pictureshey I didn’t yeah yeah it was a big jumpsorry when I didn’t surprise me oncesaid that prior to buy time and you knewyou were up against I think there were afew investors in the bidding net worthyeah so there and the Builder that wasnice to look up since offense he likehe’s a builder and we got in the backwas a builder as well and remember herprediction about this house I think ifwe we won’t purchase his house or ayoung couple dozen purchases house Ithink less than two years now there’llbe a house in backyard I can openerswhen we got here you and measuring thedriveway she was spot on we do havefuture radical plan of subdivisionsubdivision and investment oh my godgeez but once again you know you’ve lostout to people who are here with adifferent agenda